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We gather news information through news agencies and develop news our own. We have different authors for different news categories. Our authors follow govt. press releases to gather information and follow celebrities and various companies on instagram, twitter, facebook and other social media for getting various kind of news information on categories of politics, entertainment, sports, business, technology, fashion, health and general knowledge.

We keep an eye on top news publishers from electronics media and share other aspect of news with our audience. Please take a look at our news organization details below.

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The News Gale (Google Play Store)

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io.kodular.shivam793.TheNewsGale (Google Play Store)

Ownership Information:
SHIV MOHAN (Owener of the Website. He has 18 years of working experience with india’s top news organisations)

Organization Name:
The News Gale

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B-462, Sector-1, Rohini, Delhi – 110 085 (INDIA)

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Phone or WhatsApp: 9911289484

You can message us by visiting our website clicking this contact us link.

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