Microsoft launched the new 'BING' on the internet and in its Edge browser on Tuesday, powered by a next-generation OpenAI GPT model.

Launching this, Microsoft has surpassed Google in bringing this type of search experience to the masses.

"It's a new day for search," Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said during a press conference.

Microsoft is currently putting the new Bing and its AI features behind a waitlist. You can register at

Microsoft says, the next experience will be available to millions of people in the coming weeks.

Bing now has a slightly larger query prompt, and the search tool now invites you to "ask me anything" — and it really means it.

A day later, Google also announced its new AI, 'BRAD' on Wednesday and after that the ChatGPT competition started in the companies.

Bing's new feature places AI-powered results at the top of the search results page. Under those results, it will display 3 potential chat queries.

A short animation appears here that removes the chat experience from the top of the page.

We put Bing's AI to the test on a variety of issues and found that there is clearly some work to be done here.