The first Friday of October is celebrated all over the world as World Smile Day.

The day began in response to the smiley face created by American commercial artist Harvey Ball.

In 1963, Harvey Ball created yellow smiley face symbol we’ve all come to know

On World Smile Day, people should do kindness and bring smile on people's face.

Use smiley face emoji in every message you send to someone on this special day.

Distribute smiley face stickers in your area and give a smile to everyone you come across.

Listen and recite songs full of joy or bring smile to someone's face by telling funny jokes

World Smile Day is celebrated with a smile in America and all over the world.

In 1999, World Smile Day became an official holiday in which people make each other laugh.

Harvey Ball died in 2001 and soon after, the Harvey Ball World Smile Foundation was established.

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