The audience that knows the least about the horror film Barbarian is the perfect fit for it.

This is promoted in the movie's trailer to an extent that some viewers could find off-putting.

Even in today's spoiler-averse culture, a horror film should maintain mysteries.

If viewers are in the dark, it is simply more terrifying.

However, the true test of a well-crafted film is when there are no surprises left.

'Barbarian' still has a lot to offer at the end of its 102-minute run time, even with its secrets revealed.

And there is something for viewers to be afraid of beyond the film's initial ominous portrait of the quiet terror.

that can lurk inside a house when two strangers are forced to share it on a dark and stormy night

Barbarian, written and directed by Zach Cregger, begins simply enough.

Every creative decision made in 'Barbarian' is astonishingly well-calibrated in a way that rewards close watching.