1st Channel of Technoblade

TechnoBlade's first YouTube channel was "StudioLore" on which he occasionally uploaded videos.

1st Minecraft Video Upload

The first Minecraft video by Technoblade was published on the "Derp Squad" youTube channel.

10.8 Million Subscribers

Currently there are 10.8 million subscribers on Technoblade channel and videos started coming to this channel from August 2013.

1.29 Billion Views on the channel

There are 988 videos uploaded on Technoblade channel with 1.29 billion views.

$1.9 Million yearly Earnings

The estimated yearly earnings of Technoblade YouTube Channel is $1.9 million.

$54k to $72.3k Monthly Earning

Technoblade generates between $54k to $72.3k per month from views on his YouTube channel.

passed away at age 23

Nearly a year after disclosing his cancer diagnosis, beloved Minecraft broadcaster Technoblade passed away at age 23 from the disease.